We are A+D

The art and design department at Holy Cross College is one of the largest and most successful departments within the college and indeed the country. 


We have over 450 students studying one or more of the 4 disciplines we offer. The art and design subjects you can study are Art, Graphics, Photography and Textiles and many students take more than one of these courses at A-Level.  We also offer a successful level two Photography and Graphics course.


Art and design and creative thinking can be found absolutely everywhere you look and we can’t imagine a world without it. Art can be a way of understanding the world and a way of changing lives.  Every artist is different and we want to help you to explore your creativity and develop as a practitioner during your time here. Our flexible courses offer a mixture of teacher led activities alongside opportunities for students to develop their own starting points.


We believe that our courses are both challenging and enjoyable. Our staff are passionate about the subjects we offer and have huge experience in a variety of creative fields. That is supported by big and well lit working spaces, Apple Mac technology and other exciting facilities such as darkroom photography, a photography studio, sewing machines, printing and dyeing facilities, screen printing, a 3D workshop and a gallery space. 


The core values of the department are ideas, hard work and a deep passion for Art and Design and creative thinking. The belief that art is a life-affirming, life changing, teachable, learnable, intellectual and unbelievably exciting way to look at the world is central to our philosophy.

This website has been designed to help guide you through the A+D subjects we offer at Holy Cross College. You will find examples of students work as well as galleries featuring work from the past 10 years. Please select from the subjects below, we advise you look at work from all 4 disciplines as A Level specialists vary to those at GCSE.