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Textiles at Holy Cross College enables you to experience textiles as a flexible and diverse subject. Being a student on the course has taught me to draw inspiration from the environment around me. Whether it be architecture or nature that has influenced my work, I have been able to experiment with lots of different materials and processes. The incorporation of a variety of artists and designers teaches you how to develop your ideas and think creatively, taking inspiration from the work of others.


Studying Textiles has given me the ability to be resourceful, learn how to adapt, and use materials and objects around me to develop my ideas. You also learn useful practical skills such as sewing and using digital software such as Photoshop that will prove useful even after your time at Holy Cross College. After being a Textiles student I feel I have gained many new important skills, as well as having gained the confidence to apply these skills outside of education. I would definitely recommend Holy Cross College as a place to study Textiles, as the staff are supportive, knowledgeable and passionate. Textiles requires a lot of dedication and hard work, but as long as you are putting in the time and effort you will gain so much from choosing Textiles.

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