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Our A Level Art course gives you the opportunity to develop a personal and structured approach to project work. You will explore ideas and materials, develop your critical faculties in both practical and written work and acquire a high level of design and making skills.

This is the most open-ended of the Art & Design courses and enables the most diverse opportunities for exploration of materials, media and ideas. There are a huge range of career options relating to art and design, from architecture to fashion design, film and television to museum work and teaching.

All projects begin with drawing, in the widest sense, and could develop into the areas of painting, photography, three dimensional work, mixed media, fashion design, textile and computer-based artwork. You will study the work of other artists, designers and photographers, including work from primary sources during visits to galleries and museums.


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A+D Kit

We would like you to create your own Survival, Repair or Tool Kit to fit within a Box. You can use whatever materials you like, but you should include:

  • a 2D drawing

  • a 3D element

  • a found or collected object

All elements of your design should fit inside the box.


Do not decorate the outside of the box.

"Art is the highest form of hope"

Gerhard Richter

Bound joined Connected

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Bound Joined Connected


How to use Level

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How to use the Dodge + Burn Tool

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How to use Curves

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