Summer Project

Grayson Perry and Philippa Perry are on a mission to help bring the nation together through art, to unleash the collective creativity as we live through an unprecedented crisis.  Throughout this series of TV shows, the artists choose different themes and encourage people to make art based on each theme.


The theme is the 'view from my window'. Jim shares his view, as do members of the public. And artist Jeremy Deller discusses inspirations during lockdown.


We would like you to make some artwork based on the theme ‘view from my window’.

Watch the episode for ideas and inspiration and then produce a piece/series of work based on your own window views. 

You could choose to make a painting or a 3D piece, a textiles response, or photography based ideas. Alternatively, you could make some graphic design, perhaps using digital software.

This project is voluntary, if you would like to share your work with us please upload by clicking on the submission button below.