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Crompton Place Shopping Centre

Bolton BL1 5BU

Old Blue Inc + Pound Empire Store

Friday 24th - Sunday 26th June 2022

10am - 4pm

(10:30am Sunday)

Alter your view of the world


This year's college exhibition - our first physical show since 2019 - brings together work across the 4 areas of the Holy Cross Art + Design Department - Graphics, Photography, Art + Design, and Textiles. The participating students have navigated a tumultuous transition from school to college life as COVID-19 transformed our normal way of life in all manner of ways.


The students have worked tenaciously and creatively within restrictive parameters, all the while showing a dedication and passion for the freedom and life-affirming potential offered within art making. As college life began to return to (a new) normal and the students were able to engage fully in college life, their work and ideas have flourished. The work in the final show is a diverse record of this group's individual responses to the world around them, at this moment, and their place within it. 


It's not too big a statement to say the world as we know it has been altered - and we can often feel passive as we traverse the aftermath of the pandemic. However the work produced here aims to illicit its own change, by provoking the viewers own preconceptions and ideas.

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