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This is a very elaborate and extended critical link, which includes written work of between 1000 and 3000 words. It must be written in your own words and is informed by reading and primary source research. 

This is a requirement from the exam board and must evidence your ability to not only research but analyse the work of artists and designers.  You have all completed a mini version of the Personal Study recently with the Written Analysis piece set before summer.  The most successful Personal Studies usually focus on a quote or a theme, "Don't mistake legibility for communication" or "Architecture: Form vs Function".

The following resources have been created to support you through the process of planning, research, analysis and presentation of your study. If you have any further questions, please speak to your teacher.



Personal Study Plan

The Personal Study Plan will help you break your study into sections, and allow you to focus your investigations into your selected artists / designers. Take time to look through the examples given and watch the relevant lecture below.

Image Analysis

Form, Content, Context, Process, Mood

Here are some Image Analysis workshops and resources designed to aid the writing if your Personal Study.


Image Analysis


Analysis Interviews

Below are the videos from the analysis workshop


Personal Study

The presentation of your Personal Study is equally as important as the written element itself. See this as an extended critical link, your presented study should have diagrams the reflects the written analysis



Personal Study

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Introduction to InDesign


How to export your designs from Pages

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How to convert PDF to JPG

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Intro to Issuu


How to add PDF to your WIX site